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Visions of New Concourses at St. Louis-Lambert International Airport

The complete demolition and replacement of the Terminal 1 concourses is one of the possible scenarios in Lambert Airport's master plan.

/ 6 February 2017

Not All Grade Separated Intersections Are Bad: An Idea for Kingshighway and Forest Park Parkway

Congestion is a big concern with the new signalized intersection. A single grade-separated left turn ramp may be all that is necessary to alleviate that concern.

/ 8 June 2016

Top 25 US Rail-Based Transit Systems of 2015

Amongst US transit systems, St. Louis is ranked 19th… and falling.

/ 11 April 2016

Cincinnati Metro Transit Imagined

Cincinnati, I made a fantasy transit map for your fair city. This fully grade-separated metro-style system has the following characteristics: 6 lines that pair together into 3 trunk lines 92 route miles 111 stations Also included on the map is...

/ 2 February 2016

Almost Perfect: The New Bike Path Along Leonor K Sullivan Blvd

Progress continues on the reconstruction of Leonor K Sullivan Blvd. Major construction has been completed on the southern half of the street from the Arch to Chouteau Ave. Flooding over the summer stopped construction on the northern half to Cole...

/ 2 November 2015

“We’re a Highway Department, Not a Bicycle Department”

In the fight over the potential impacts and priorities of the South County Connector project, the St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic lives up to its name.

/ 18 June 2013

Are Pets Allowed on Metro?

Can you take your pet aboard a Metro bus or MetroLink? Metro’s website seems to clearly say no. Can I bring my pet on MetroLink or a MetroBus on a leash or in a pet carrier? Only service animals accompanying...

/ 16 April 2013

The St. Louis Streetcar and MetroLink: Compatibility Issues to Address Before Expansion

Streetcars are on the minds of many in St. Louis. The Loop Trolley finally got through the University City city council and will soon begin construction. Meanwhile, the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis unveiled their own streetcar proposal. Matt Fernandez...

/ 16 March 2013

River City Casino Not Connected to Nearby Trail

Much like many sidewalks in the region, what is the purpose of trails if they don’t provide connections to nearby destinations? The Mississippi River Greenway passes and parallels within 16ft of the roads surrounding River City Casino. Yet, despite getting...

/ 23 July 2012

Pedestrian Countdown Timers That Lie

If you are attempting to cross Lindell at Euclid and you see that the pedestrian signal is showing a solid red hand, chances are you can still safely cross the road. That is because the pedestrian countdown timer lies, reaching...

/ 13 July 2012

Top 25 Rail-Based Transit Systems in the United States

Good statistics: #STL has 10th busiest (REAL) light rail system in nation, in 18th largest metro area. We should all be proud as hell.— Frank DeGraaf (@countondowntown) June 6, 2012 Now I’m a believer in St. Louis’s MetroLink as an...

/ 7 June 2012

Alternative Concept for I-64 Interchange at Boyle/Tower Grove

The influx of traffic coming from a soon to be built I-64 interchange at Tower Grove will present an additional danger to pedestrians and bicyclists attempting to cross the highway. That’s what many citizens expressed at a recent public meeting...

/ 23 May 2012