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Pedestrian Countdown Timers That Lie

If you are attempting to cross Lindell at Euclid and you see that the pedestrian signal is showing a solid red hand, chances are you can still safely cross the road. That is because the pedestrian countdown timer lies, reaching...

/ 13 July 2012

We, the Trees in These Two Rows

Sweet gum trees line the Ackert Walkway Some residents in University City are protesting the possible loss of 55 trees that line the Ackert Walkway between The Loop and Washington University. The university and Great River Greenways would like to...

/ 14 May 2012


The completion of the CORTEX One building at Forest Park and Boyle in 2006 marked the first tangible step in the creation of a large and bustling life sciences and technology district. That first major building was followed a few...

/ 8 February 2012

Cincinnati Is Better Connected to Its Riverfront Than St. Louis

Cincinnati’s relationship with it’s riverfront on the Ohio River is remarkably similar, if not identical, to St. Louis’s relationship with it’s riverfront on the Mississippi River. Namely, each city’s downtown is separated from its riverfront by an interstate highway. Cincinnati...

/ 27 January 2012

Refuge Needed for Pedestrians Crossing Forest Park at Euclid

A pedestrian refuge should be built for people crossing Forest Park Ave at Euclid Ave.

/ 10 January 2012

Wash U Students Have No Place to Wait

Back in November, construction workers redid the curb ramps at the intersection of Skinker Blvd and Forest Park Pkwy. The reasoning for this work is mysterious—the insersection was completely redone only a few years before as part of the Cross...

/ 29 April 2011

Jaywalking: the Practical Way to Cross North Hanley Rd

In a recent Road Crew Chat on, one person had a question regarding jaywalking near the North Hanley MetroLink station. mike: at north hanley and I-70, there are pedestrians crossing hanley from the apartment complex between the gas station...

/ 23 February 2011

Speeding Through Downtown at 35 MPH

4th St. at Spruce St. The speed limit on the majority of streets in the St. Louis CBD is 25 mph. Outside the CBD, but still within downtown, speed limits are commonly set at 30 mph. Some of the arterial...

/ 1 December 2010

Should Memorial Drive Be Closed to Vehicles?

The Arch grounds design competition currently underway could potentially bring about major changes to Memorial Drive and the western border of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Every design team proposes a cap over I-70 between Chestnut and Market which would...

/ 15 September 2010

On the Eads Bridge, Another Chance to Reclaim Space for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

The Eads Bridge closed on December 15, 1991 to facilitate construction of stations for the soon to be MetroLink light rail line. Unfortunately, construction uncovered severe corrosion on many of the trestles supporting the road deck resulting in the road...

/ 7 September 2010

Missing: Fourth Crosswalk at Signalized Intersections

MoDOT recently completed a set of projects on Lindbergh Blvd and New Halls Ferry to upgrade the pedestrian facilities. These projects included improving and adding sidewalks and curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, and upgraded access to bus stops. [These projects] also...

/ 27 July 2010

DeBaliviere’s Green and Narrow Future

Back on July 8, the Federal Transit Administration awarded the Loop Trolley project $25 million as part of its Urban Circulator Grant program. Other major streetcar grant winners included Charlotte, Cincinnati, and Fort Worth. The federal funding puts the $44...

/ 21 July 2010