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Almost Perfect: The New Bike Path Along Leonor K Sullivan Blvd

Progress continues on the reconstruction of Leonor K Sullivan Blvd. Major construction has been completed on the southern half of the street from the Arch to Chouteau Ave. Flooding over the summer stopped construction on the northern half to Cole...

/ 2 November 2015

“We’re a Highway Department, Not a Bicycle Department”

In the fight over the potential impacts and priorities of the South County Connector project, the St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic lives up to its name.

/ 18 June 2013

River City Casino Not Connected to Nearby Trail

Much like many sidewalks in the region, what is the purpose of trails if they don’t provide connections to nearby destinations? The Mississippi River Greenway passes and parallels within 16ft of the roads surrounding River City Casino. Yet, despite getting...

/ 23 July 2012

We, the Trees in These Two Rows

Sweet gum trees line the Ackert Walkway Some residents in University City are protesting the possible loss of 55 trees that line the Ackert Walkway between The Loop and Washington University. The university and Great River Greenways would like to...

/ 14 May 2012

“As a Matter of Policy, We Don’t Build Dedicated Bike Lanes.”

In a recent Road Crew chat on, I asked the following question: Is St. Louis County against the inclusion of on-street bicycle facilities on it’s roads? I was looking over the maps in the recently completed St. Louis Bike...

/ 23 November 2011

Fountain Park Bike Lane in the Door Zone

Streetsblog San Francisco recently posted an excellent article titled “Why Are We Building Bikes Lanes That Are Hurting People?” The premise of the article is that many bike lanes are marked too closely to rows of parked cars putting cyclists...

/ 15 November 2010

Let Bikes Through

Biking is relatively easy across most of the City of St. Louis. The street grid makes it easy to get around and easy to find a street with light vehicular traffic… most of the time. Other times, biking within the...

/ 13 October 2010

On the Eads Bridge, Another Chance to Reclaim Space for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

The Eads Bridge closed on December 15, 1991 to facilitate construction of stations for the soon to be MetroLink light rail line. Unfortunately, construction uncovered severe corrosion on many of the trestles supporting the road deck resulting in the road...

/ 7 September 2010

Bike Trail Construction Begins in Forest Park

Back on July 22, Forest Park Forever announced a $3 million gift from Mary Ann Lee and The Crawford Taylor Foundation to complete the dual path system in Forest Park. The new path will extend from Steinberg Rink to the...

/ 1 August 2010

DeBaliviere’s Green and Narrow Future

Back on July 8, the Federal Transit Administration awarded the Loop Trolley project $25 million as part of its Urban Circulator Grant program. Other major streetcar grant winners included Charlotte, Cincinnati, and Fort Worth. The federal funding puts the $44...

/ 21 July 2010

Bike St. Louis Map Needs Updating

Google unveiled a new “bicycling” layer and bike directions, today, for their Google Maps product. The new layer shows bike lanes and trails in over 150 cities across the US. Google’s new “bicycling” layer. // Google Maps. Google’s foray into...

/ 10 March 2010

Wydown Blvd’s New Dedicated Bike Lane

Wydown’s new dedicated bike lane as seen from just east of Big Bend. With its wide shoulders and little traffic, Wydown Blvd has always been a favorite route with area cyclists. Up until recently, the road has been marked with...

/ 17 July 2009