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Not All Grade Separated Intersections Are Bad: An Idea for Kingshighway and Forest Park Parkway

Congestion is a big concern with the new signalized intersection. A single grade-separated left turn ramp may be all that is necessary to alleviate that concern.

/ 8 June 2016

Alternative Concept for I-64 Interchange at Boyle/Tower Grove

The influx of traffic coming from a soon to be built I-64 interchange at Tower Grove will present an additional danger to pedestrians and bicyclists attempting to cross the highway. That’s what many citizens expressed at a recent public meeting...

/ 23 May 2012

Downtown May Lose Access to I-70 Reversible Lanes

Come 2015, downtown commuters may lose access to the I-70 reversible lanes thanks to a combination of construction for the new Mississippi River Bridge and a landscaped highway “lid” across I-70. When the new Mississippi River Bridge opens to traffic...

/ 13 March 2012

Interstate 70 Is Disturbing the Peace at the Arch

Much has been said how Interstate 70 is a physical barrier between downtown and the Arch grounds—a moat that is crossable in only a few select locations. Less has been said about the psychological barrier the highway presents, particularly when...

/ 7 March 2012

Once Upon a Boulevard

Did you know that Memorial Dr, long ago known as Third St, was once just a two lane road? It’s hard to imagine when looking at Memorial Dr in it’s current state—3 lanes in each direction with a 4 soon...

/ 22 December 2011

MoDOT Proposed Gas Tax Increase Falls Well Short of Funding New I-70, Future Projects

So MoDOT recently came forward with some ideas on how it might pay for the $1.5-4 billion project to rebuild and widen I-70 between Kansas City and St. Louis. The two options they proposed included 1) a 15¢ increase in...

/ 19 December 2011

Trains Really Are Safer Than Cars

Recently, David Stokes of the Show-Me Institute made the surprising statement that, per passenger mile, cars are safer than trains and using his claim as an argument against building high-speed rail in the United States. Later in the interview, Harnish...

/ 16 November 2011

Kirkwood May Demolish Two Buildings for Additional Parking

What is the price of parking in downtown neighborhoods? That is the question the Kirkwood City Council will tackle at its meeting tonight at Kirkwood City Hall. At issue is a perceived lack of parking in downtown Kirkwood and its...

/ 6 October 2011

MoDOT Set to Build Tower Grove/I-64 Interchange

MoDOT is getting ready to begin major work on I-64 between Kingshighway and Sarah. The project is essentially a continuation of the I-64 rebuild that closed segments of the highway between Spoede and Kingshighway in 2008 and 2009. Environmental studies...

/ 23 September 2011

St. Louisans Familiar With False Claims of Carmaggedon

Carmaggedon in Los Angeles came and went with a fizzle. In fact, it may have been the best day for driving on LA freeways since the 1984 Olympics. For more than two weeks, officials in the land of Hollywood attracted...

/ 18 July 2011

Urban Mobility Report Points to Overbuilt Roads in St. Louis

The Urban Mobility Report published earlier this year revealed a surprising dichotomy about congestion in St. Louis. Despite congestion continuing to decrease since 2000 as represented by the report’s travel time index statistic shown on the right, travel time for...

/ 22 May 2011

New Mississippi River Bridge Will Give Tucker Blvd A New Purpose

Construction on the new Mississippi River bridge project is about to gain significantly increased visibility over the coming spring and summer months. During the winter, construction crews poured the bridge’s foundations. With that work recently completed, work has begun on...

/ 27 April 2011