Back on July 22, Forest Park Forever announced a $3 million gift from Mary Ann Lee and The Crawford Taylor Foundation to complete the dual path system in Forest Park. The new path will extend from Steinberg Rink to the Zoo while going around Jefferson Lake, the Planetarium, and Boeing Aviation Field. The new segment behind Boeing Aviation Field will likely have the most benefit to trail users on bikes and inline skates: the existing path in front of the athletic fields is often congested with all of the athletes and visitors attending games and practices on the fields.

Map excerpt of the future dual path system in Forest Park. // Forest Park Forever.

Posted by Herbie Markwort

I like to write about transportation.


  1. Good grief, how fast were you riding?

  2. Only 10, maybe 15 mph. I dropped into the grass to pass a group of people, but fell sideways onto the asphalt attempting to get back on the trail.

  3. This seems impossible. Do get better soon. Crazy bad luck sir.

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