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BJC Looks to Push Central West End Metrolink Station to Kingshighway, Again

When the St. Louis Development Corporation published their request for proposals for transit-oriented development consulting services, they included in the document a desire to study the possibility of relocating the Central West End MetroLink station from Euclid to Kingshighway. What...

/ 1 February 2012

Cincinnati Is Better Connected to Its Riverfront Than St. Louis

Cincinnati’s relationship with it’s riverfront on the Ohio River is remarkably similar, if not identical, to St. Louis’s relationship with it’s riverfront on the Mississippi River. Namely, each city’s downtown is separated from its riverfront by an interstate highway. Cincinnati...

/ 27 January 2012

Comments for the JNEM EA Pieced Back Together

When the National Park Service published the document containing all the public scoping comments for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial environmental assessment, they did so in a rather interesting way: The NPS split comments apart and organized them by category....

/ 25 January 2012

Forest Park Ave Busway

Even when the outcome is a foregone conclusion, every major project transporation seeking federal funding needs to perform an environmental impact report. As part of the EIR process, multiple alternatives are studied to address the purpose and need statement; most...

/ 17 January 2012

Refuge Needed for Pedestrians Crossing Forest Park at Euclid

A pedestrian refuge should be built for people crossing Forest Park Ave at Euclid Ave.

/ 10 January 2012

Once Upon a Boulevard

Did you know that Memorial Dr, long ago known as Third St, was once just a two lane road? It’s hard to imagine when looking at Memorial Dr in it’s current state—3 lanes in each direction with a 4 soon...

/ 22 December 2011

MoDOT Proposed Gas Tax Increase Falls Well Short of Funding New I-70, Future Projects

So MoDOT recently came forward with some ideas on how it might pay for the $1.5-4 billion project to rebuild and widen I-70 between Kansas City and St. Louis. The two options they proposed included 1) a 15¢ increase in...

/ 19 December 2011

What May Have Been: Delmar Loop MetroLink Station

// 1987 Metro Link FEIS. These drawings of the Delmar Loop MetroLink station are from the 1987 Metro Link Final Environmental Impact Statement. Obviously, plans for the station were changed prior to construction. In the drawings, a pedestrian bridge crosses...

/ 7 December 2011

“As a Matter of Policy, We Don’t Build Dedicated Bike Lanes.”

In a recent Road Crew chat on, I asked the following question: Is St. Louis County against the inclusion of on-street bicycle facilities on it’s roads? I was looking over the maps in the recently completed St. Louis Bike...

/ 23 November 2011

Loop Trolley Answers Questions and Comments From Long Ago

Following the release of the draft environmental assessment for the Loop Trolley project back in May, did you submit a question or comment at the open house or during the comment period? If you did, the draft EA has been...

/ 17 November 2011

Trains Really Are Safer Than Cars

Recently, David Stokes of the Show-Me Institute made the surprising statement that, per passenger mile, cars are safer than trains and using his claim as an argument against building high-speed rail in the United States. Later in the interview, Harnish...

/ 16 November 2011

What May Have Been: Convention Center MetroLink Station

Drawing of the Convention Center MetroLink station from the 1987 Metro Link FEIS. Plans for this station were changed in at least two significant ways prior to construction. First, the direct entrance into the basement level of Dillard’s was removed....

/ 15 November 2011