When the National Park Service published the document containing all the public scoping comments for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial environmental assessment, they did so in a rather interesting way: The NPS split comments apart and organized them by category.

On one hand, this method of cataloging comments added an extra method of analyzing all the comments submitted. It was especially enlightening to see the multitude of comments classified as “out of scope”, a rather curious category for a process that was seeking comments on the scope of the project.

On the other hand, it was annoying to not be able to read the comments as a whole as originally written.

For that reason, I set about putting the comment pieces back together as best I could. You can download the reorganized document by following the link below.

» Comments for the JNEM Environmental Assessment Recompiled

Posted by Herbie Markwort

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  1. So were numerous comments to remove the greatest barrier to the park deemed “outside of scope?”

    1. They were. Click the first link in the post above and pay attention the the categories.

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