Can you take your pet aboard a Metro bus or MetroLink? Metro’s website seems to clearly say no.

Can I bring my pet on MetroLink or a MetroBus on a leash or in a pet carrier?

Only service animals accompanying customers with disabilities can travel on Metro’s transit vehicles, and they do not need to be in a pet carrier.

However, a look at the St. Louis County and St. Louis City ordinances—both contain similar language—muddles the issue.

It shall be unlawful for any person to take any animal upon any bus or light rail conveyance or upon the enclosed property of any light rail conveyance, except the following:

  • An animal enclosed in a container, accompanied by a person and carried in a manner which does not interfere with any other person; or
  • Working dogs for law enforcement personnel, or dogs properly harnessed and accompanying visually or hearing impaired persons to aid such persons.

    So are pets allowed on Metro transit? City and county ordinances say yes but Metro says no. For what it’s worth, Metro confirmed by email that its current policy still prohibits pets aboard all buses and trains.

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    1. City + County ≠ Metro

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