The Civic Center Transit Center is overcrowded. According to Metro, the limited space at Civic Center forces many buses to stop on-street and is responsible for many poorly timed connections. To remedy the capacity issue, Metro is considering either:

  • expanding the existing Civic Center Transit Center, or
  • adding a new downtown transit center in the vicinity of the Convention Center MetroLink station.

Metro will initiate an Environmental Assessment in September to study the second downtown transit center, funding for which has already been awarded by the FTA.

In addition to the new downtown transit center, the EA will include planning for a downtown BRT loop and a bus operating plan for Metro and Madison County Transit routes in downtown St. Louis.

Perhaps a new downtown transit center will end up being the solution for downtown’s lack of local bus service?

Potential Downtown Transit Center Locations
// Metro.

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  1. At least there is a lot of curb space along Washington Avenue east of 10th to queue buses, since the City has never allowed on-street parking there.

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