MoDOT has ambitions to add capacity to I-64 between I-270 and MO-141, if its recent failed TIGER grant application is anything to go by.

Much like its planned project on I-270 between I-44 and Manchester Rd, MoDOT plans to add capacity to I-64 between I-270 and MO-141 by restriping the existing pavement to squeeze in an additional lane in each direction. Reconfiguration of some ramps will be necessary, as well.

According to MoDOT, “we are still working on the traffic study and model, so we really don’t have any plans for that project yet.” The project is estimated to cost $17 million. Funding for the project has not yet been secured.

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  1. And what happens with capacity it added? More cars use the road. And what happens when more cars us the road? MoDOT argues that more lanes are needed. Induced demand.

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