Sales tax initiatives in St. Clair County
Date Sales Tax Result
November 1993 0.5% Passed

In St. Clair County, the St. Clair County Transit District is the responsible agency for funding the county’s public transportation needs. The SCCTD currently contracts service out to Metro which operates the county’s buses and light-rail trains.

1981 – Illinois Mass Transit District Act

In 1981, the Illinois legislature passed the Local Mass Transit District Act which allowed counties in the Metro-East region of the state to levy a 0.25% sales tax for the purpose of funding public transportation. This act also created the local transportation districts to collect and distribute the monies generated by the sales tax.

November 1993

Following the grand opening of MetroLink from Lambert to East St. Louis in July 1993, St. Clair County put to vote a proposition for an additional half-cent sales tax to build and operate an extension of MetroLink east to Scott Air Force Base. With ridership on MetroLink well above forecasts, the proposition passed easily by a 2 to 1 margin. The St. Clair County Extension segment from 5th & Missouri to College opened in May 2001 and was extended to Shiloh/Scott in June 2003. The final segment out to MidAmerica Airport has been put on hold due to the airport’s uncertain future and low ridership projections.

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  1. no increase since 1993? I've always assumed some amount of transit dollars intended for Chicago ended up funding St. Louis. Please continue the series, but down the road, feel freel to look at Missouri/Illinois comparisons.

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