According to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, the White House is going to redirect high-speed rail money previously allocated to Wisconsin and Ohio to other states including Illinois.

Congressional sources say the Obama administration is taking $1.2 billion in high-speed rail money away from Ohio and Wisconsin and awarding it to projects in other states.

People familiar with the grants say the Department of Transportation will announce Thursday that California, Illinois and New York, among other states, will get a share of the funds.

Republican governors were recently elected in Wisconsin and Ohio and both have pledged to stop their high-speed rail projects. Illinois was previously awarded $1.1 billion back in January to increase speeds on the Chicago to St. Louis corridor to 110 mph.

The lion’s share of the money will go to California and Florida, the only two states with true high-speed rail programs. Illinois is set to receive an additional $42.3 million. Missouri will, also, receive an amount less than $10 million.

Update: Missouri will receive up to $2.2 million. (US Deparment of Transporation)

Posted by Herbie Markwort

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