Year: 2012

Interstate 70 Is Disturbing the Peace at the Arch

Much has been said how Interstate 70 is a physical barrier between downtown and the Arch grounds—a moat that is crossable in only a few select locations. Less has been said about the psychological barrier the highway presents, particularly when...

/ 7 March 2012
Gateway Arch

Myopia on the Part of the National Park Service

It’s been more than a month since I sent a tweet to @CityArchRiver complaining that their website’s comment form was broken after attempting to submit a comment. The message I attempted to send was as follows: The JNEM EA received...

/ 20 February 2012


The completion of the CORTEX One building at Forest Park and Boyle in 2006 marked the first tangible step in the creation of a large and bustling life sciences and technology district. That first major building was followed a few...

/ 8 February 2012

SLU Should Partner With Metro, Not Run Its Own Shuttle

Come late August, downtown will be a bit busier when the Saint Louis University academic year begins and its Law School opens the doors on its new downtown location. Announced with surprise and excitement only 2 weeks ago, the building...

/ 6 February 2012

BJC Looks to Push Central West End Metrolink Station to Kingshighway, Again

When the St. Louis Development Corporation published their request for proposals for transit-oriented development consulting services, they included in the document a desire to study the possibility of relocating the Central West End MetroLink station from Euclid to Kingshighway. What...

/ 1 February 2012

Cincinnati Is Better Connected to Its Riverfront Than St. Louis

Cincinnati’s relationship with it’s riverfront on the Ohio River is remarkably similar, if not identical, to St. Louis’s relationship with it’s riverfront on the Mississippi River. Namely, each city’s downtown is separated from its riverfront by an interstate highway. Cincinnati...

/ 27 January 2012

Comments for the JNEM EA Pieced Back Together

When the National Park Service published the document containing all the public scoping comments for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial environmental assessment, they did so in a rather interesting way: The NPS split comments apart and organized them by category....

/ 25 January 2012

Forest Park Ave Busway

Even when the outcome is a foregone conclusion, every major project transporation seeking federal funding needs to perform an environmental impact report. As part of the EIR process, multiple alternatives are studied to address the purpose and need statement; most...

/ 17 January 2012

Refuge Needed for Pedestrians Crossing Forest Park at Euclid

A pedestrian refuge should be built for people crossing Forest Park Ave at Euclid Ave.

/ 10 January 2012