Amendment 3 was a Missouri constitutional amendment passed in 2004 that “[requires] that all revenues from the existing motor vehicle fuel tax (less collection costs) be used only for state and local highways, roads and bridges.” Prior to the amendment’s passage, the state government used a portion of the proceeds from the state fuel tax to fund state agencies and programs other than transportation.

All in all, Amendment 3 had a very straight forward purpose and helped delay MoDOT’s financial crisis by a few years. And while the amendment’s exclusion of rail based public transportation is highly disappointing, I can’t help but focus on the language used in this excerpt from Article IV, § 30(b), emphasis added:

The remaining balance in the state road fund shall be used and expended in the sole discretion of and under the supervision and direction of the highways and transportation commission for the following state highway system uses and purposes and no other:

(1) To complete and widen or otherwise improve and maintain the state highway system [of highways] heretofore designated and laid out under existing laws;

When will the Missouri state highway system be complete? Why is “widening”, a type of improvement, mentioned but not “narrowing”?