A biker waits for MetroLink at the Clayton station. Credit: Herkie.

Public transit

  • Proposition “A,” a half-cent sales tax for public transit, will come to a vote in April in St. Louis County. Steve Patterson writes what the proposition’s passage could mean for the St. Louis region. (Urban Review STL)
  • Women are the key to the passage of Proposition “A,” according to a poll by Mayor Slay’s reelection committee, being much more likely to vote in favor of the proposition than men. (
  • An editorial in the Post-Dispatch argues the region should spend stimulus money on public transit instead of high-speed rail. (

Other miscellany

  • Missouri officials have made a deal with Union Pacific to save the MKT bridge over the Missouri River in Boonville, a key link of the Katy Trail. (Columbia Daily Tribune)
  • MoDOT made available an archive of the official Missouri Highway Map dating back to 1918. (MoDOT)
  • California state lawmakers are taking aim at free parking saying that there is too much of it and that it encourages people to drive instead of taking the bus, walking or bicycling. (Los Angeles Times)